Familiar You

I gazed into a group of people
My eyes caught your face–familiar face
You looked like someone I knew
I caressed your face with my eyes and realized you weren’t that person at all
I knew you, but not the person you were portraying
Someone I knew a long time ago–forever
Your eyes pierced the depth of my soul
Connecting us in a way as never before
You drew me unto you. I can never get away
No matter how I try or what I say
The love deep within you calls to the deep in me
Refreshed as a dip in a cool morning spring
There’s nothing like the love of Familiar You


5 thoughts on “Familiar You

  1. Ms. Emma – Oh My You’re an amazing woman with many hidden talents, the gift of writing requires so much creativity and you took me to that place with “Familiar You”. This and you are similar to the pic on your page above; a vast ocean that has lots of lush greenery embracing the depth of beauty. Thank you for this writing it inspired me and now hangs on my office wall.
    Penny Washington

    • Thanks Ms Penny for your kind words of encouragement. I appreciate them. How sweet of you to hang it on your office wall. 99.9% of everything 8 write is inspired by God. I have poems and writings that I’m gathering for a book soon. Blessings.

    • Thanks Penny, I’m sorry it took so long to reply but I’ve been busy as a bee. I’m honored that you think my writing is worthy to hang on your wall. Thanks for your encouraging words.
      Hope you are still creating beautiful parties. Blessings. Emma Moore

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