Looking But Not Seeing

I look and look again

I can’t see

What lies ahead of me

My future looks dim

In a fog that won’t end

Little foxes pulled covers over me

In a place that brings

A terrible fright

Eyes are open

There’s no sight

Need help to dispel the night

That’s overtaken the daylight

Crying out for help

No one can hear the muffled cry

Hearing ears

Can’t hear the plea

Or see the desperate state

Pain and agony

Who can deliver and set free

I stand before you

Because of your cry

I was sent on this mission

By The One Most High

Grasp my hand, hold tight

I’m pulling you out of darkness

Into the marvelous light

Going through the tight place

You will begin to see

Fog is dispelled

Future bright as can be

No more fear

Listen you can hear

The wooing of the Most High

Guiding you to your destiny


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