Peaceful Place

I was taking my morning walk when a whisper beckoned me to come. It wasn’t a person I could see. Just a sweet calm voice calling me. I turn toward the direction the call came from. I heard trickling stream and a breezy hum. Peace and tranquility was the drawing force. Captivated me and pulled me off course. A momentary respite and Joy overflowing was just what I needed to keep on going.


NaPoWriMo 2015 – Breeze

Warm breeze bending and bowing the trees

Wind slipping through the young new leaves

No loud whistling only a slight sound

The soul of the wind letting you know

It’s making a sound

Recognize I’m here even if you can’t see

I’ll come separately in many different forms

I’ll surprise you appearing all in one

Today I’m here as one

To calm you down and have some fun

Bend with me – The Breeze