Conversation with my Lord

I came across my journal that I started in 2008 when I was transitioning to where I now live and began to read it. I came across a conversation I had with the Lord when I was frustrated bordering hopelessness. Out of the darkness he broke me through with his ray of light.


Where do I go from here

I’ve seemed to have lost my way

The path that was once clear

Has simply blown away

Will there come a day

When I can truly say

I’m on my way again.

The Lord

I know the way seems dark and dim

I know you’ve seem to have lost your way

But my light’s still shining brightly on the path

Your destination is still in tack

I’m making a way that no man can do

I’m preparing everything just right for you

I haven’t forgotten you!

He indeed had everything prepared for me from leaving my family, my job and selling my house and embarking on a journey

to an unknown place. I’m forever grateful to where he’s brought me to.


Your Gift To Me

Amazing Grace – That’s what you’re giving

Amazing Grace – I don’t deserve

Amazing Grace – Is how I’m living

Amazing Grace – Your gift to me

I once lived life in fear and trembling

In times when things were bad

Everything in my life so sad

I didn’t know which way to go

I stood at the fork in the road

Didn’t know which to choose

Then your light shined bright before me

It lit the way so I would know

I once was lost but now am found

Through amazing grace you’ve given me

Amazing grace I don’t deserve

But your love said yes you do indeed

I’ll forever love and honor

You giving the amazing grace I need

Amazing grace that’s how I’m living

Amazing grace your gift to me