Parking Lot Blast

He pulled in a parking space

Just sat there and stared

While twirling his hair

No yawn nor a blink

Eyes closed quick as a wink

Head bowed like in prayer

But no prayer going on,


A weird sound came from the car

Sounding like a fog horn

blaring in the night

I tried to see if

What I heard was right

The sound was loud and clear

Took another look and listened to hear


The bowed head not in prayer but sound asleep

Drool sliding down his chin

Splashing on his chest

A snort and a jerk

Head snapped but not alert

Continued the fog horn blast



Yard Sale Adventure

Spring Yard Sale has finally arrived

What an exciting day it is

Got my cash in small bills

My plan is ready to make deals

Invited my friend to come along

To search for treasures

On every street

She’s more excited than me

Because she’s never been

To a yard sale

Dressed in our tennis

With a tank full of gas

I told her to keep an eye out

Scope every house we pass

Stopped at a few

But didn’t really see

Anything that struck our fancy

Onward we moved to the next street

Stop! She screeched

I see something for me

Jumped out of the car

Didn’t wait for me to stop

She snatch up a painting

Before I could park

When I got to where she was

She had finished shopping

And was ready to go

Stop, stop, and stop

Became her favorite words

I’ll take this, and that

Do you have any more

If we had been at the Mall

She would have bought out the store

At the end of the yard sale

Still excited as can be

Just like a child with a bag of candy

When is the next yard sale

I’ll be ready to go

There should be one in September

I’ll let you know

It was a fun day watching the excitement

On my friend’s face

Happy to introduce her

To the art of shopping at yard sales