Look Back

Look back at the beginning of the year

Is there anything you can hold dear

The road may have been rough

Many days very tough

Times nothing looked good but the bed


When there was no drive to go on

Wanting to let loose

But kept holding on

Battled fear and doubt

Crying out what is this all about


Look back once again

See how far you’ve come

Now at the end

It’s time to give thanks

For His faithfulness

To stand by your side

As He gently guide

You to His expected end.

Looking But Not Seeing

I look and look again

I can’t see

What lies ahead of me

My future looks dim

In a fog that won’t end

Little foxes pulled covers over me

In a place that brings

A terrible fright

Eyes are open

There’s no sight

Need help to dispel the night

That’s overtaken the daylight

Crying out for help

No one can hear the muffled cry

Hearing ears

Can’t hear the plea

Or see the desperate state

Pain and agony

Who can deliver and set free

I stand before you

Because of your cry

I was sent on this mission

By The One Most High

Grasp my hand, hold tight

I’m pulling you out of darkness

Into the marvelous light

Going through the tight place

You will begin to see

Fog is dispelled

Future bright as can be

No more fear

Listen you can hear

The wooing of the Most High

Guiding you to your destiny

Happy Writing

The end of the blogging challenges has come
What’s next on the agenda
A novel or a few more poems
Whatever may be the case
Don’t stop, stay in the race
Great accomplishments are on the way
For that there is a price to pay
Hard work and tenacity
Will push you where you want to be
Lining them up at book signings

Happy Writing

Guitar Man

The strumming of the strings

Comes from love

A velvet sound from above

Guitar Man has a song to play

Gently caresses and holds her tight

With love divine and all his might

She reciprocates with a heavenly sound

Responding to his gentle touch

Vibrates and causes a delightful rush

A new song is created

Through soft steady streams

Fingers precise-touches every string

Smiling as each one rings

Creating musical delight

He casts his eye, gives a little smile

Strums and strums

The magical tune

This love affair

Will never cease

Guitar Man strums his love-his guitar

Where Do I Go From Here – Day 4

Where do I go from here

I’ve seem to have lost my way

The path that was once clear

Has simply blown away

Will there come a day

When I can truly say

I’m on my way again

I know the way seems very dim

You’ve seemed to have lost your way

My light’s still shining bright on your path

Your destination is still in place

I’m making a way that no man can do

I’m preparing everything just right for you

I haven’t forgotten you!