Look Back

Look back at the beginning of the year

Is there anything you can hold dear

The road may have been rough

Many days very tough

Times nothing looked good but the bed


When there was no drive to go on

Wanting to let loose

But kept holding on

Battled fear and doubt

Crying out what is this all about


Look back once again

See how far you’ve come

Now at the end

It’s time to give thanks

For His faithfulness

To stand by your side

As He gently guide

You to His expected end.

Better Life

I’m a couple days behind. This is the result of Day Twenty prompt.

Girl you need to gather your kids and move to Mom’s

I know you’re right but….

But what?

If I didn’t have a job and she’d ask me

I’d blow this joint and be on my way

So what’s your problem, why you tryin’ to stay

You know Mom, she won’t let him come

Let him come – you mean that bum

I don’t blame her

He means you no good

Every since you’ve been with him

You’ve lived in the hood-because he won’t work

She’s giving you an opportunity to get yourself together

Go there and find a job

Make your kids life better

It will give him a chance to get on his feet

Sometime in the future you might re meet

Both of you in a better position