The little things no one can see

The little things between you and me

The little things you point out

Only for you and me to see


You guide me everywhere I go

Whisper in my ear

Only for me to know

When to stay and when to go


The little things

Means more each day

The little things that you say

Keeps me straight so I won’t stray


The little things I hear and see

Let me know you love me

Each and every day you say

What guide’s me on my way


The little things no one can see

The little things between you and me

The little things the way you lead

Only for you and me to see



I Wish

I wish I knew where I was going

I can’t remember where I’ve been

I know it’s been a long long journey

But can’t tell the beginning from the end

Will I ever get to where I’m going

Will it be like what’s in my head

A timeless journey where love abounds

Love has no beginning or end

I wish I knew how things would go

To know the steps that I will take

To get to the end where I’m going

From the place I will begin

Your Gift To Me

Amazing Grace – That’s what you’re giving

Amazing Grace – I don’t deserve

Amazing Grace – Is how I’m living

Amazing Grace – Your gift to me

I once lived life in fear and trembling

In times when things were bad

Everything in my life so sad

I didn’t know which way to go

I stood at the fork in the road

Didn’t know which to choose

Then your light shined bright before me

It lit the way so I would know

I once was lost but now am found

Through amazing grace you’ve given me

Amazing grace I don’t deserve

But your love said yes you do indeed

I’ll forever love and honor

You giving the amazing grace I need

Amazing grace that’s how I’m living

Amazing grace your gift to me

One Connected Heart

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cupid’s Arrow.”

The moment I laid eyes on you

I knew you were my forever love

My heart skipped gleefully

To rest upon your heart

That was the beginning

A fresh exciting start

Of love intertwining

Two young hearts.

Years have come and gone

My heart still beats for you

The bond is stronger now

Than when I first laid eyes on you.

There is nothing-no on

Can tear us apart

Because what we share

Is one connected heart.

Familiar You

I gazed into a group of people
My eyes caught your face–familiar face
You looked like someone I knew
I caressed your face with my eyes and realized you weren’t that person at all
I knew you, but not the person you were portraying
Someone I knew a long time ago–forever
Your eyes pierced the depth of my soul
Connecting us in a way as never before
You drew me unto you. I can never get away
No matter how I try or what I say
The love deep within you calls to the deep in me
Refreshed as a dip in a cool morning spring
There’s nothing like the love of Familiar You