Wings of New Life

The day has come to test my wings

To fly away and begin again

A new adventure in my life

Where I’ve not been before

Sometimes scary

I maintain control

Up and down

All around

With my wings I soar

Peering through keen eyes

Looking for my place

Where I am to be

To start anew

Can’t return to the place of old

It was temporary

Has grown cold

I don’t fit there anymore

Taking a deep breath and letting go

Using my wings of new life



There was a knock at the door and I went to see

Who was the unexpected visitor here to see me

There stood a person near and dear to my heart

I hadn’t seen in the years we’d been apart

He’d changed a bit but not too much

The twinkle in his eyes–dimple in his chin

Drew me as it did back then

More than that was the place in my heart

Where coveted memories will never depart

We visited a while. I laughed and giggled as a child

The past became the present for only a short time

Oh how wonderful to be young again

Not in body, surely in mind

He still took my breath away

As he did the very day

I first laid eyes on him

When I thought He’d never look my way

I was grateful for answered prayers–to know he was doing fine

My smile lingered as I slowly shut the door

A sense of calm covered me when I realized

I might never see him again until we meet in eternity















Deception – Trailing Vine

Round and round like a trailing vine

The voice of deception is playing in your mind

The words that you hear

Are not from The Lord

The past keeps reappearing

And won’t leave you alone

Reminding you of the things

That should be dead

Shake it off, stand tall

Use your weapon of warfare

That will win them all

Fight with The Word