Wings of New Life

The day has come to test my wings

To fly away and begin again

A new adventure in my life

Where I’ve not been before

Sometimes scary

I maintain control

Up and down

All around

With my wings I soar

Peering through keen eyes

Looking for my place

Where I am to be

To start anew

Can’t return to the place of old

It was temporary

Has grown cold

I don’t fit there anymore

Taking a deep breath and letting go

Using my wings of new life



The little things no one can see

The little things between you and me

The little things you point out

Only for you and me to see


You guide me everywhere I go

Whisper in my ear

Only for me to know

When to stay and when to go


The little things

Means more each day

The little things that you say

Keeps me straight so I won’t stray


The little things I hear and see

Let me know you love me

Each and every day you say

What guide’s me on my way


The little things no one can see

The little things between you and me

The little things the way you lead

Only for you and me to see


Day Seven -Purpose and Destiny

The time has come

The time is here

Stop looking far

Start looking near

You need to give yourself a check

To see if you’re on the right path

The path for you was special built

When you were knit

In your mother’s womb

Your purpose and destiny

No one can take away

You were equipped

With all you need

To fill your every day

You don’t have to worry or fret

The goals are already set

Walk with your head held high

Follow truth

Ignore the lie

Consuming Fire

Here He comes

The One you’ve been looking for

He’s making His way

The One you’ve been looking for

His feet are shod

With continual burning fire

I am here

The One you’ve been waiting for

I have come

The One you love and adore

I’m the burning bush

Clearing the path

My feet are the match sticks

That ignites my steps

Coming your way

To set you on fire

Burning every day

Flames moving every way

As I touch you

You’ll be set ablaze

With the consuming fire

That never goes away

The fire upon you

Will never retire

You will burn brightly

Near and far

Till your purpose is complete

Burn, burn, burn

With My consuming fire