Sometimes I like to express myself by telling a story in a way other than writing an article, short story or a book. That avenue of expression is through poetry. Thoughtful Expression was birthed.

I’ve never had any training in writing poetry so I don’t know any rules to follow. Part of the poems can rhyme and part of them might not. That’s ok with me and I hope with you also. I might add a photo or two with my poems if it’s relevant to the poems. Then again it may not be but will add a little color and let creativity flow. Come tag along.

I welcome all comments and suggestions.




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh Emma, I have always wondered where and what you were doing after I met you at the flag making class in Grove City. So you’re a writer too! How awesome! Whoever did your web page did a great job. Keep putting out those great poetic thoughts! Great Job!

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