Parking Lot Blast

He pulled in a parking space

Just sat there and stared

While twirling his hair

No yawn nor a blink

Eyes closed quick as a wink

Head bowed like in prayer

But no prayer going on,


A weird sound came from the car

Sounding like a fog horn

blaring in the night

I tried to see if

What I heard was right

The sound was loud and clear

Took another look and listened to hear


The bowed head not in prayer but sound asleep

Drool sliding down his chin

Splashing on his chest

A snort and a jerk

Head snapped but not alert

Continued the fog horn blast



Wings of New Life

The day has come to test my wings

To fly away and begin again

A new adventure in my life

Where I’ve not been before

Sometimes scary

I maintain control

Up and down

All around

With my wings I soar

Peering through keen eyes

Looking for my place

Where I am to be

To start anew

Can’t return to the place of old

It was temporary

Has grown cold

I don’t fit there anymore

Taking a deep breath and letting go

Using my wings of new life

Peaceful Place

I was taking my morning walk when a whisper beckoned me to come. It wasn’t a person I could see. Just a sweet calm voice calling me. I turn toward the direction the call came from. I heard trickling stream and a breezy hum. Peace and tranquility was the drawing force. Captivated me and pulled me off course. A momentary respite and Joy overflowing was just what I needed to keep on going.