Peaceful Place

I was taking my morning walk when a whisper beckoned me to come. It wasn’t a person I could see. Just a sweet calm voice calling me. I turn toward the direction the call came from. I heard trickling stream and a breezy hum. Peace and tranquility was the drawing force. Captivated me and pulled me off course. A momentary respite and Joy overflowing was just what I needed to keep on going.


Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern

A holding pattern has locked me in

I have to stop; I don’t know where to begin

I look left and right; all around me

There is no clear picture of where I’m to be

Hold steady and wait

Don’t want to be early or late

Clear eyesight and tuned ears

On guard for directions

Freedom to proceed brings great cheers


Day Thirty – FUN

What a fun time it’s been

From beginning to end

A miraculous blend

Of words again and again


Day Twenty-Nine – Tornado


Sun showed up early

Oh what a beautiful day

Creeping up behind

Disruption came into play

Thunder cracking

Lightening flashing

Preparing the way

Disaster array

Tornado’s galore


Dark Rainbow

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Different colors each outfits

Rainbow in the dark


Day Twenty-Seven – Time


Tick toc goes the clock

Time is ticking away

When or where

Where you have to be

What you have to do



Day Twenty-Six – War


He’s hard to beat

When they meet

The plan is to take him down

No one can

He retains the crown